Best Spanish Blackjack Casinos

There are no two online casinos that are alike, especially when it comes to table games. There are few casinos that I would classify as “best online casinos,” and there are even fewer when talking about a specific game that’s not even available everywhere such as Spanish blackjack.

I want to make sure you sign up to a reputable and fun casino for Spanish blackjack. So what I’ve done is list our criteria for what makes the best casinos to play at. This is how we choose the casinos we recommend, and what we suggest you go by if you decide to play at a room not listed here on this site.

Top Online Casinos for Spanish Blackjack

Rank Casinos USA Bonus Bonus Code Casino Reviews
#1 Bovada YES! $3,000 N/A Bovada Review
#2 5Dimes YES! $520 N/A 5Dimes Review
#3 Ladbrokes NO USA Up to £100 N/A Ladbrokes Review

Spanish Blackjack Online

Here are the things we look for in an online casino, and how we rate them from best to worst. These are in no particular order.

Offers a Deposit Bonus

Whether or not the casino offers a deposit bonus will play a big roll in our decision. We also look at the amount and clearing requirements.

Now, there are some casinos that will be stingy with their bonus, offering something like 100% up to $50. To put it bluntly, that’s almost insulting when compared to casinos that offer up to $250, $500 or $1,000 — or more — free. Good casinos will even offer a small amount, but the amount (the percentage) they’re willing to match you is much, much higher, such as 150% or even 200%.

Another thing that you might want to look for is free money. The amounts are hardly anything at all, but you don’t have to make a deposit to get them. This might be worthwhile for you so that you can check out the room to make sure you like the software, games, support, etc.

Last, the best Spanish blackjack sites, at least in terms of deposit bonuses, will have reasonable play through requirements. Play through requirements essentially boil down to how much money you need to wager in order to clear your bonus. This can range from 10x to 50x your deposit plus bonus, or higher. Obviously, the less you need to wager to clear your bonus, the better.

Blackjack Applies to Bonus Requirements

Maybe this should’ve been before “deposit bonuses.” But if not, the next thing you ought to check after you see how much the deposit bonus is, is whether or not playing blackjack even counts toward the play through requirements. If you look in the same area of the terms and conditions where the play through requirements, you’ll see what games they accept.

Keep in mind that not every site will allow blackjack games to count towards the bonus. In fact, many casinos will void your bonus altogether if you’re caught playing games like craps or blackjack. So if your bonus (and winnings) matter to you, you’ll want to double check first before making your deposit. You might decide that the bonus isn’t worth your time. In these cases you can just contact support to let them know you’re not interested in the bonus. That way you don’t run the risk of losing your winnings.

The sites that do allow blackjack to count towards the bonus will usually do so at a fraction, say 10% or 20%. I have yet to find a casino that will count it 100%.

In other words, say your play through is 20x your deposit plus bonus. If blackjack only counted for 50%, then you’d have to do double the play through in order to clear your bonus. If it were 10%, then you’d have to play through 200x to clear your bonus. So be sure to double check this before signing up, because some sites will look good to play at until you take that into consideration.

VIP Programs

Another component that we look at are the VIP or rewards program. With these programs the more you play, the more you’ll be rewarded.

However, not all VIP programs are created equal. Some casinos will give you points and allow you to buy prizes that are equivalent to a 2nd rate carnival, while others will give you cash back, special treatment and other perks such as fee-free withdrawals.

So you’ll definitely want to compare the perks to see which casino is the most generous. Additionally, you’ll want to check to see how much money you have to play to get similar perks, just to make sure you spend the least for the most rewards possible.

Casino Banking

Banking is huge, especially if you’re a player from the US.

The first thing that I would suggest looking at are the deposit/withdrawing options available. Most casinos will offer Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as Moneybookers. But you’ll want to check anyway. What’s more is that by checking, you might find an option that is more convenient, such as PayPal, which is only offered by but a few casinos online.

The next thing that I would look at are the deposit/withdrawal limits. Pretty self explanatory. If you’re a high-roller and want to deposit $25,000, but the limit is $5,000, then we clearly have a problem, right?!? That’s not to say there aren’t ways around this problem, namely contacting support, but you’ll want to sort that stuff out before you signup and make your deposit. Of course, this problem works the other way too. If you’re budget is $25, but the minimum deposit is $50, then you might want to figure that out in advance so you can play elsewhere.

The last thing I would check for are the withdrawal options and time frames. These should be posted on the website, but time frames are usually best figured out by reading forums online. The posts made on the forums are going to be pretty accurate when it comes to how long you have to wait for your money, and the posts are usually pretty current.

Casino Security

One of the most important components that make up a “best” casino site is whether or not that casino is safe to play at. Not only does your information need to be kept secure, but the games should be fair to play, too. Take a look at the about or company page. Most online casinos will have badges that state that their software is secure and that it’s been tested for randomness. You can also look at the auditor’s website to see when the last time the casino was audited.

Once again, this is a good opportunity to read forum posts. You’ll always have the random nut that screams bloody murder when they lose a few bucks, claiming the software is rigged. But if there are several people that are claiming the games are rigged, and they have what looks to be proof, then you will want to stay clear of that casino.

Casino Support

Last, but just as important, an online casino’s support can make or break a casino. Nothing is worse than rude staff, or staff that takes over a week to get back to you. Before signing up I would suggest using all forms of their support. If they have a phone number, call it, an email, email it, contact form, use it. Do it all at once and see what happens. Test this a couple of times to make sure the response time is consistently (good) and the people on the other end are pleasant and knowledgeable to talk to.